About Us

Russell Insurance Group Limited (RIGL)

Russell Insurance Group Limited consists of 5 locations throughout the Annapolis Valley. The office that started it all, H.A. Horsnell Insurance in Aylesford, was originally opened mid 1950’s and was purchased by James Russell in 1994. Over the years, other opportunities came up to purchase other brokerages; Saunders Insurance in Berwick in 1988, B. Bethune Insurance also in Berwick in 2004, Balcom Insurance in Middleton in 2008 and Russell Insurance in Coldbrook was opened in 2011.

Russell Insurance Group Limited prides itself in being a leader in embracing new technology while offering “old fashioned” customer service. RIGL went paperless in 2004 and is always looking at new technology to enhance their customer’s experience. If a customer calls during regular business hours, they will always get to talk to a person and not an automated attendant. The RIGL brokers take the time to get to know their clients, so it’s always a welcoming experience visiting or calling one of their locations.

The Broker Advantage

The purchase of an insurance policy is one of the most important decisions that we make in our lives. It protects the assets that we have worked so hard to acquire, whether that is our Homes, Automobiles, or Businesses. To this end brokers can offer four distinct advantages.

  • Choice: As brokers, we have relationships with a number of insurers, offering many products in various solutions. We have the expertise to navigate you through the insurance marketplace. We will always act as your advocate. We do not work for an insurer. We work for you, our consumer, aiding you in the purchase of an insurance product that best fits your requirements.
  • Service: Brokers are located in every small town across Nova Scotia. We are proud of our “main street” presence and are pleased to provide personal and professional service to our clients, whether that be during the buying process, day to day servicing, or guiding you through the claims process.
  • Professionalism: The province of Nova Scotia through the Superintendant of Insurance takes great care in the regulation of the insurance marketplace; with the emphasis being on the consumer’s protection. IBANS as well, has taken this fiduciary responsibility very seriously. Through collaboration with the Superintendant’s office IBANS was able to introduce “Step Licensing”. This ensures that the public’s insurance needs are being met by truly educated professionals. IBANS members are also bound by the Federal Privacy Act as well as our very own Code of Conduct.
  • Claims Advocacy: Up until an unfortunate loss, an insurance policy is just an intangible purchase. At the time of a claim is when brokers truly shine. Brokers have the expertise to guide you through this stressful time ensuring that you are treated fairly and empathetically throughout the process. Remember we work for you, not an insurance company.

The broker advantage is unique. Place your trust in a local broker, a person who works and lives in your community, who is more able to understand your specific needs.

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