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If you plan to visit the beautiful Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia in Canada (from the United States or another country) you probably do not plan on ending up in the hospital. However, these things can happen to anyone. You could become suddenly ill or slip and fall, injuring yourself. Maybe you live in Canada but plan to visit the US. Did you know that you will not have medical insurance if something happens in the States? So what can you do? Perhaps the best option involves taking out an insurance policy before your trip. If not, you might experience problems like Marvin R.

Marvin and his wife Cecilia were in the mid 40s and in relatively good health. They planned their trip to California for some time, as Marvin had relatives in San Diego, and they were going to stay for two weeks and enjoy all the amazing things to do and see. The trip started out well, as they left for the airport and flew to California.

When the couple got to San Diego, Marvin’s cousin met them at the airport and they went to his house. The next day, they traveled to the San Diego Zoo and Marvin started feeling very ill. He felt like he had the flu but at the same time, he was having terrible stomach pains. The pains got worse and Marvin decided to go to the local hospital emergency room when the pain became almost unbearable.

The ER doctor admitted Marvin to the hospital and they performed an emergency appendectomy operation. He was in surgery for some time and spent another couple days in the hospital recovering from an infection. When the doctor released Marvin he stopped at the hospital admitting area to sign papers. It was then he realized his bill would be many thousands of dollars and his provincial health care would not cover him and he didn’t buy travel insurance.

Needless to say, this pretty much ruined Marvin and Cecilia’s vacation. When they got home, they had to deal with bill collectors and it took several years for the couple to get their finances back in order. These problems can be avoided when you take out the right kinds of insurance.

What is Travel Insurance?

Insurance provides protection from the unexpected when traveling outside of your province of residence, or offers protection to those traveling to Canada and not covered under a provincial health insurance plan.

It is important to know that there are many types of travel insurance available, finding the right insurance can be challenging which is why you need to know what you are looking for.

You want to protect yourself from the cost of a medical emergency while traveling – purchase Emergency Hospital and Medical Insurance.

You want to protect you trip investment in the event you are not able to travel or to prevent yourself from accumulating additional expense if your trip is interrupted – purchase Trip Cancellation and Interruption.

You want to protect yourself from huge medical bills, protect your investment and prevent the accumulation of additional expenses related to trip interruption – purchase All-inclusive Insurance.

You are a visitor to Canada – purchase a Visitor to Canada Insurance Policy.

Tips for Buying Travel Insurance

Not all insurance policies and providers are alike. There are many options and limits available that make it hard to choose what’s best for you. This is why you should call us at Russell Insurance Group Limited. We can explore your unique needs to find the right travel insurance product for you and we’re here to answer any questions that you have.

There is usually a wide range of deductible options. The lower the deductible, the higher the premium will be.

Remember that travel insurance policies could have limitations around pre-existing conditions; you should know up front how those limitations may affect you. Take the time to read your policy so that you full understand and contact us with any questions.

We can provide you with top up policies that pay for coverage gaps. Or if you decide to extend your trip, we can extend your coverage as well.

Don’t take chances with your travel plans, because insurance is not that expensive especially compared to emergency medical bills. Contact Russell Insurance Group Limited today for a quote. Call the head office at (902)847-3274, or fill out the quote form and we’ll get back to you.

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