Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Recreational vehicles, such as motorcycles, motorhomes, travel trailers, ATV and snowmobiles, are not automatically covered under your homeowners or auto insurance policy. They need to be insured specifically, whether it's as an endorsement to the homeowners policy, added as a separate item to the auto or on a policy all of their own with a company that specializes in insuring recreational vehicles.

Many people don't initially think they need to insure their Recreational Vehicle, but accidents, vandalism and theft are just as likely to affect your motorcycle, motorhome, travel trailer, ATV or snowmobile as a car or home.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance can protect you if you incur medical expenses in your own or someone else's vehicle and provide liability coverage in the case of damaged property or injured bystanders. You invest a lot in your recreational vehicle, invest a little bit more for piece of mind. Give us a call today to obtain a quote.